The Fuelless Technologies prototype 6 engine is a very unique design. With a seven point charging system it is capable of producing two to three times the energy it uses. It has an operating range from 300 to 3500 RPMs. And is capable of producing up to 35 hp. We have worked on this engine several years and went through many different designs. This two-cylinder engine is just the prototype. It was designed in this way to allow us to do many different tests and determine the best designs, materials and power levels for a marketable engine. In the process of designing a two cylinder marketable engine we will also be designing a single cylinder, a four-cylinder, a six-cylinder and an eight-cylinder engine. We would like our engines to be capable of fitting any application an internal combustion engine would fit and at a competitive price. We hope you find this very interesting. We will be posting newsletter on it every few weeks. Keep watching. We hope you see some amazing things. We will tell you more about how this fuelless and totally green engine works In the near future.

Thanks for your interest.